Sunday, September 13, 2009

5 Stars & Sultry!!!!

I do love a 5-star review that comes with a sensual rating of "sultry"!

Here are a few snippets...

HIGHLAND DRAGON is breathtakingly adventurous and brimming with an abundance of passionate yet heartfelt encounters.
Strong characterizations and a totally gripping premise will draw you into this remarkable story, but it is the interaction between the hero and heroine which keeps you devouring every word. Kimberly Killion has crafted a most satisfying story set in early sixteenth century Scotland featuring the spirited individuals who lived and loved during this turbulent period in history. Kimberly Killion brings historical stories to life with unparalleled believability. From the very first, this fascinating tale of retribution and duty quickly turns into a romance filled with conflicts and danger. Though this love story between Calin and Akira takes years before they officially meet, their guarded connection before then only adds more intrigue to their destined union. There are numerous profoundly touching moments all throughout HIGHLAND DRAGON, and I found myself completely riveted time and again as I awaited the outcome of these often crucial dilemmas.
While they prove their devotion for Scotland in many ways, their love for one another is portrayed with so much compassion plus desirous yearning, and any intimacy between this couple is depicted with passionate enthusiasm and sincerity. There is much colorful imagery in the story, and this attention to details makes the scenes realistically credible. The dialogue for these dynamic Scottish characters is masterfully written by Ms. Killion, as their exchanges take you to another time yet every meaning is expertly understandable. There are lots of memorable characters in this story, both main and secondary, and I did not want to say good-bye to many of them.
HIGHLAND DRAGON is a must-read, as its emotional impact and historical details are unforgettably notable.

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  1. That review is so good, I have to wonder---did your mother write it?

    All kidding aside, great review, doll. If I couldn't wait to read it before, I'm doubly anxious now.

  2. Ha! Very clever, Gwynlyn. If my mother had written it, I can assure you the word "sultry" wouldn't have been a part of it. :)