Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What are you sick of reading?

Following me on my Blog Tour to BOOK JUNKIE's and comment for the chance to win my second release, HIGHLAND DRAGON. Here's a peek at what's going on:

If you could ask readers any one question, what would it be
As a person who gets easily bored, I wonder why we don’t see more unusual books. For example aliens landing in Regency London. OK...this has probably been done, but I’m curious to know if readers get frustrated that traditional publishers don’t take more risks and break out of the norm? What are you sick of? Vampires? Ball rooms?

A few reader comments:
~ I am tired of seeing kick-a$$ heroines who don't have any friends and/or are very mannish.
~ I am tired of whimpering virgins trying to grow some backbone and self-esteem.
~ I'm tired of seeing women who can't do anything for themselves, and must rely on the man to get them to come out of their shell, or for him to do everything for her. Give me strong women! Women that can stand up for themselves.
~ I'm tired of weak women saved by rich and strong men :)

What are you tired of reading? Comment now... CLICK HERE!

Friday, September 25, 2009

If you were a book, what would your blurb be?

My blog tour kicks off today at LoveStruckNovice with Sarah Simas. Come join me!!!.
Here is a taste of the interview:

If you were a book, what would your blurb be?
Oooh, good question, but a toughy. This will require me to be a little vain, but here goes...

Kimberly Killion, award-winning author of sexy medieval romance, seeks adventure and romance. But what happens when she finds what she’s looking for in the seductive arms of a hawt Highland rogue?

Laird Braw Scot is looking for a woman with an imaginative mind and taste for scandal. He finds her tucked behind her computer, hiding her passion for life inside a motherboard. Does he have the skills to seduce her away from the keyboard?

Will she give up her dreams of hitting the NY Times list and seek passion in the treacherous wilds of Scotland? Or will she resign to live comfortably in the secluded privacy of her Midwest home and never know the meaning of love?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Highland Dragon featured at B&N Studio

If you haven't seen the book trailer for Highland Dragon, hop over to B&N Studio and check it out. For reasons unbeknownst to me, the book is already available at B&N, which is wildly exciting. Huzzah!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All about me...

I am: Woman, hear me roar.
I love: My life and my family…and coffee!
I dream: Actually, I don’t. I sleep so very little that when I do hit the pillow, I fall into this peaceful place of complete nothingness. And I can be there roughly 4.5 seconds after I hit that pillow.
I wish: I never had to shave my legs again.
I pretend: I’m thin.
I fear: Failure and balloons
I appreciate: Published authors who help those of us who are new to the world of publishing.
I read: Historicals. Anything by Julie Garwood, Teresa Medeiros, Connie Mason…
I want: To start a new saying, “Get wowf!” (Scottish slang for Get crazy!)
I cannot live without: Chocolate
I am happy when: I’m being creative, whether that’s designing or writing.
I would like to meet: My characters in real life.
I am annoyed by: Noise

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sold out of first printing before release

So here's the thing...there's not a whole lot that makes me giddy, but when the FedEx dude came today, I was all a fluster. Now, you are thinking he was wearing a kilt or that perhaps he was hawt. Well, he was ok. Not really the hunky sort that generally catches my eye...but I digress...

The FedEx dude did, however, deliver the goods. And the goods came in the form of my author copies of HIGHLAND DRAGON. This book hasn't released yet. It's my second book from Kensington books and isn't scheduled to release until October 6, but here's what is even cooler...

I opened up to the copyright page (because that's what authors do) and about swooned when I saw the numbers.

Let me explain...
Do you see the numbers underneath 'First Printing: October 2009'? They start with 10 9 8 ...
Well because it ends in 2, this tells me that the book has already gone into a second printing!!! Sa-weet!

I can hardly wait for this book to hit the shelf. I'll be signing all over the midwest; Georgia, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas...

Busy, busy time for me, but I must get back to my WIP!


Friday, September 18, 2009

B&N jumped the gun


I thought I still had a couple weeks to prepare for this release, but it looks like B&N already released HIGHLAND DRAGON!!! So if you want to get your hands on Laird Calin MacLeod early (and trust me when I tell you he is sooooo worth getting your hands on) then click HERE.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I daresay Mr. Darcy...

This has to be the funniest video I've seen in ages. I love it when Mr. Darcy loses himself and spouts vulgarities at Caroline. Too funny!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

22 days before Highland Dragon hits the shelves...

I'm starting to get oober excited about this release now that the reviews are literally pouring in. I've gotten an email every day for the past 3 days with a review in it. And here is the best part...the reviewers are LOVING Calin and Akira's story!!!!!

Here's a few snippets (yes, a few...this is a really long review) from Leontine's Book Realm:

Kimberly Killion – Highland Dragon (Historical novel)
Scotland, Highland 1484,
It was a night the young Calin MacLeod would not likely forget as he witnessed the murder of his father. It ignited vengeance in his heart as it spread through his veins and burned in his soul. That night, his bride also took her first breath in this world. Only hours ago her birth promised hope for an alliance between the Kinnon and McLeod clan but with a coldhearted brute of a man that hope washed away with the blood of those who lost their life’s that night.

It sounds like familiar plot doesn’t it? It certainly isn’t something that hasn’t been done oodles of times before but if there is one thing the highlanders understand then it was vengeance. And if there is one thing Kimberly Killion understands, it is the spirit of the Scottish highlanders.

There were two things that I noticed early on. One, how the cast of characters played on my emotions and two, how the clan politics and intrigue fueled the romance to a higher level. The premise of Calin and Akira’s actual story held it all; betrayal, murder and a secret love.

Calin is all highlander brawn mixed with the responsibilities of a Laird and a strong sense of Clan loyalty. A good, honest, virile highlander who wants what is good for his clan and a woman beside him leading it. Akira is definitely a woman who knows what she wants, how she wants it and is smart enough to get it. I loved the mix of faith, fury, intelligence and empathy in Akira. She became the heart of the McLeod clan by just being herself and she conquered the heart of Calin in the same way. Their interaction encompassed an area of emotions, from poised and tender to fiery and passionate, to the pain of grief and loss. Their journey is steeped in emotions and I instantly picked up on them, thoroughly rooting me in the story and the exhilarating journey of the main protagonists. This is largely due to empathetic and well drawn characters but also the easy connecting writing style of Kimberly Killion.

There was an interchange between the romance, the sensuality, intrigue and character development that ran like clockwork. There is nothing overtly complicated in Highland Dragon, the writing style smooth, working with all the elements present to drive towards a conclusion that had me sighing and in tears at the same time. I just had a remarkable good time reading Highland Dragon. There is desire, Highland rogues in abundance, treachery, romance, friendship and loyalty to be found in an authentic Highlander tale that is delivered with a passionate voice for the genre.

What can I say more than Highland Dragon is a read for stormy nights and candle lit rooms to take you away in to another time, another place, and make you feel romance as is should be, the kind that conquers all!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

5 Stars & Sultry!!!!

I do love a 5-star review that comes with a sensual rating of "sultry"!

Here are a few snippets...

HIGHLAND DRAGON is breathtakingly adventurous and brimming with an abundance of passionate yet heartfelt encounters.
Strong characterizations and a totally gripping premise will draw you into this remarkable story, but it is the interaction between the hero and heroine which keeps you devouring every word. Kimberly Killion has crafted a most satisfying story set in early sixteenth century Scotland featuring the spirited individuals who lived and loved during this turbulent period in history. Kimberly Killion brings historical stories to life with unparalleled believability. From the very first, this fascinating tale of retribution and duty quickly turns into a romance filled with conflicts and danger. Though this love story between Calin and Akira takes years before they officially meet, their guarded connection before then only adds more intrigue to their destined union. There are numerous profoundly touching moments all throughout HIGHLAND DRAGON, and I found myself completely riveted time and again as I awaited the outcome of these often crucial dilemmas.
While they prove their devotion for Scotland in many ways, their love for one another is portrayed with so much compassion plus desirous yearning, and any intimacy between this couple is depicted with passionate enthusiasm and sincerity. There is much colorful imagery in the story, and this attention to details makes the scenes realistically credible. The dialogue for these dynamic Scottish characters is masterfully written by Ms. Killion, as their exchanges take you to another time yet every meaning is expertly understandable. There are lots of memorable characters in this story, both main and secondary, and I did not want to say good-bye to many of them.
HIGHLAND DRAGON is a must-read, as its emotional impact and historical details are unforgettably notable.

Read the rest HERE.
And even more reviews HERE.

Friday, September 04, 2009

A tale to cherish...

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Killion's newest Scottish-set novel demonstrates her ability to create captivating, finely written romance. Well told, with excellent pacing and characters who are honorable, intelligent and full of humanity, this is a tale to cherish.

Summary: At the age of 10, Calin MacLeod witnesses his father's death at the hands of Laird McKinnon on the same day McKinnon's daughter, Akira, is born. Calin swears to avenge the murder. When he assumes the lairdship he decides that by marrying McKinnon's daughter he will destroy the clan's fiber and remaining power.

Akira Neish, raised by a peasant member of the McKinnon clan, is unaware of her ancestry. Suddenly she is taken to an illegal auction to be sold to white slavers, and Calin is there to buy her. Once he purchases her they realize they have an unaccountable emotional tie. He soon sees that his growing admiration and love for Akira is far more a rebirth of his own sense of honor and humanity than any act of revenge. Love does conquer all! (ZEBRA, Oct., 380 pp., $5.99) HOT

—Kathe Robin, RT Book Reviews

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Halloween Contest

The Mystic Castle is hosting a Halloween Contest and what a contest it is.
Check it out...

Win 20 Books and a $50.00 VISA Giftcard!
Happy Halloween! To continue with the celebration of their new design The Mystic Castle is having a Halloween contest and they’re skipping the tricks and offering plenty of treats. The authors in the Romance Communities have banded together and are offering one lucky reader the chance to win a collection of books (see below) that consists of upcoming and current releases with a handful of out of print novels, along with the $50.00 Visa Giftcard. Ten runner-up winners will win an Author Promotional Package that is full of goodies including posters, bookmarks, coverflats and much more.
The Books
The Redeeming–Jennifer Ashley
Rules of Passion–Sara Bennett
Camelot’s Destiny*—Cynthia Breeding
The Scandals of an Innocent—Nicola Cornick
My Wicked Marquess – Gaelen Foley
The Wagering Widow*—Diane Gaston
Mutual Desire—Donna Grant
To Beguile A Beast–Elizabeth Hoyt
The Dragon Master –Allyson James
Reckless Liaisons–Kayleigh Jamison
Leading Her to Heaven–Kayleigh Jamison
The Masquerade*–Brenda Joyce
Highland Dragon–Kimberly Killion
Her One Desire–Kimberly Killion
Always & Forever – Pamela Labud
The Naked Earl–Sally MacKenzie
Lord of Pleasure–Delilah Marvelle
Once A Rake—Rona Sharon
Too Hot For A Spy –Pearl Wolf
Song of Miriam*—Pearl Wolf

*indicates Out of Print
Entering is easy. Go HERE to fill out an entry form.
The contest is open from September 3rd to October 31st, 2009.