Tuesday, September 15, 2009

22 days before Highland Dragon hits the shelves...

I'm starting to get oober excited about this release now that the reviews are literally pouring in. I've gotten an email every day for the past 3 days with a review in it. And here is the best part...the reviewers are LOVING Calin and Akira's story!!!!!

Here's a few snippets (yes, a few...this is a really long review) from Leontine's Book Realm:

Kimberly Killion – Highland Dragon (Historical novel)
Scotland, Highland 1484,
It was a night the young Calin MacLeod would not likely forget as he witnessed the murder of his father. It ignited vengeance in his heart as it spread through his veins and burned in his soul. That night, his bride also took her first breath in this world. Only hours ago her birth promised hope for an alliance between the Kinnon and McLeod clan but with a coldhearted brute of a man that hope washed away with the blood of those who lost their life’s that night.

It sounds like familiar plot doesn’t it? It certainly isn’t something that hasn’t been done oodles of times before but if there is one thing the highlanders understand then it was vengeance. And if there is one thing Kimberly Killion understands, it is the spirit of the Scottish highlanders.

There were two things that I noticed early on. One, how the cast of characters played on my emotions and two, how the clan politics and intrigue fueled the romance to a higher level. The premise of Calin and Akira’s actual story held it all; betrayal, murder and a secret love.

Calin is all highlander brawn mixed with the responsibilities of a Laird and a strong sense of Clan loyalty. A good, honest, virile highlander who wants what is good for his clan and a woman beside him leading it. Akira is definitely a woman who knows what she wants, how she wants it and is smart enough to get it. I loved the mix of faith, fury, intelligence and empathy in Akira. She became the heart of the McLeod clan by just being herself and she conquered the heart of Calin in the same way. Their interaction encompassed an area of emotions, from poised and tender to fiery and passionate, to the pain of grief and loss. Their journey is steeped in emotions and I instantly picked up on them, thoroughly rooting me in the story and the exhilarating journey of the main protagonists. This is largely due to empathetic and well drawn characters but also the easy connecting writing style of Kimberly Killion.

There was an interchange between the romance, the sensuality, intrigue and character development that ran like clockwork. There is nothing overtly complicated in Highland Dragon, the writing style smooth, working with all the elements present to drive towards a conclusion that had me sighing and in tears at the same time. I just had a remarkable good time reading Highland Dragon. There is desire, Highland rogues in abundance, treachery, romance, friendship and loyalty to be found in an authentic Highlander tale that is delivered with a passionate voice for the genre.

What can I say more than Highland Dragon is a read for stormy nights and candle lit rooms to take you away in to another time, another place, and make you feel romance as is should be, the kind that conquers all!

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