Sunday, November 29, 2009

Vote for "Best Historical Cover"

The poll for Best Historical Cover of 2009 (finals) is up!
The winner gets a cover feature and 4 week ad spot at THE SEASONS webiste.

I'm super thrilled to have HIGHLAND DRAGON sitting amidst such beautiful covers.
Don't delay, the voting ends, Dec. 13th. Vote now!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Your dinner will be the talk of the TOWN!! You should try this! Sure to bring smiles from your guests! Here is a new way to prepare your Thanksgiving Turkey.

1. Cut out aluminum foil in desired shapes.

2. Arrange the turkey in the roasting pan, position the foil carefully.

3. Roast according to your own recipe and serve. :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Did a woman’s virginity raise her worth on the slave market?

I'm talking with Eliza Knight today at History Undressed about the "auction scene" in HIGHLAND DRAGON. If you ever wanted to know more about historical slave markets, then pop over. Plus, there's an excerpt...

"After reading HIGHLAND DRAGON, I immediately emailed Kimberly about the book. She had me held captive literally from the first sentence. No kidding, I was sitting in Starbucks with a girlfriend, and I kept tapping her arm and reading to her. She has such a vivid and intense way of writing. I really felt like I was there, experiencing everything that Calin and Akira experienced. The characters are so well-crafted they appear to be real people, with real emotions. Not to mention Calin is a hot-blooded Highlander—you can’t beat that! Verra, verra nice… I cried, laughed, held my breath, chewed off my nails, sighed…the whole nine yards. I told Kimberly this, and I’ll tell you all too, I haven’t read a book this good in a long time. She rivals with some of my old favs, Julie Garwood and Jude Devereux to name a couple. And OF COURSE, she has a great bit of knowledge on history and weaved all the details and facts into the story in a way that it just flowed off the page. I like history with my romance, I like travelling back in time."


Thursday, November 05, 2009

I would read your grocery list!!!

You know what's better than getting a 5/5 star review from a review website? Getting a letter from a fan.

With the release of Highland Dragon only a month old, I'm starting to get letters from readers that make my heart sing...

"OMG! I just finished your book, Her One Desire, in the early hours of this morning and then immediately started on Highland Dragon and stayed up all night reading the firsty half of it. I Love Them! Thank you so much for bringing your awesome talent to all of your faithful fans!!" —Susie

"I just had to send you a quick note to say... I would read your grocery list!!! You are truly fantastic!!! I was hooked on your first book [Her One Desire] and could not wait for Highland Dragon. I just finished it. LOVED IT!!!"—Jenai


HIGHLAND DRAGON by award-winning author, Kimberly Killion
Oct. 2009/Zebra books

A desire that defies all limits…and a love that was meant to be…Secrets and lies have a price that must be paid in blood through the generations.

Eighteen years after hiding the secret of his betrothed’s lineage, Laird Calin MacLeod must choose between avenging his father’s death and surrendering to the passion he finds in the arms of his enemy’s daughter.

From the PublisherKimberly Killion's gorgeous, dramatic novels have the sweep and intensity of Hannah Howell's megaselling Scottish romances.

Grade A - The Good, The Bad and The Unread
4/4.5 Stars - RT Book Reviews
5/5 Stars - Lond and Short Romance Reiviews
5/5 Stars - Single Titles
5/5 Stars - Book Junkie
5/5 Stars - Heather's Reading Romance



Hidden behind a false panel, ten-year-old Calin MacLeod covered his ears with sweaty palms. The screams echoing throughout Brycen Castle were loud enough to loosen his teeth.

Lena Kinnon cried for mercy with every gut-wrenching contraction, but didn’t receive the slightest morsel of compassion from the many men present. Her position held no dignity, sprawled atop the council table like a sacrificial lamb. The wool of her soiled sark draped between her raised knees and provided her little privacy. No one wiped her brow or offered soothing words of comfort.

A woman was supposed to suffer during childbirth to pay for the sins of Eve. Even at his young age, Calin knew the laws of the church. He also knew Lena had already suffered more than any woman in Clan Kinnon. The bruises speckling her pale skin were evidence of the constant torture she endured at the hands of her ruthless husband.

The sliver of space between the wooden planks where Calin hid was no wider than the trunk of a sapling, but provided a view of his da, Laird MacLeod, who stood against a stone pilaster opposite Laird Kinnon. Da’s dark hair had grayed at the temples over the recent months, and his face sagged in weariness, but his rigid stance displayed his contained rage. With his eyes narrowed, Da stroked the golden bull’s head engraved into the signet ring he wore and glared at his enemy.

Two pairs of MacLeod warriors flanked each side of his da, while four Kinnon warriors surrounded Laird Baen Kinnon. All were unarmed as was previously agreed upon by both lairds.

“Ye keep screamin’, wife. It’ll cleanse your black English soul.” Laird Kinnon paced the council chamber, a sneer twisting his pitted face.

Calin hated the chieftain of his neighboring clan as much as his da did. Laird Kinnon was a cold-hearted demon. Anyone who would beat his lady wife during her childbearing time walked upon this earth with the devil’s black blood flowing through his veins.

“Ye bear me another bitch and it will be your last.”