Wednesday, July 22, 2009

RWA National conference in D.C.

I'm still waiting for the rush from the RWA national conference to settlebut it seems to continue on and on and on... With a packed schedule we barely had time for anything, but we squeezed in some siteseeing. My room mate, bff, critique partner and favored travel pal, Megan Kelly, went to the Smithsonian, the Washington Monument, the Reflecting pool, the Walls, both Vietnam and Korean, and the Lincoln Memorial, and there might have even been a few other monuments in the there, but it's a bit of a blur now.

On Wednesday I registered for the conference and attended the Presidents' retreat and took promo items (bookmarks, CDs, coverflats) to the librarian/booksellers event afterwhich I had to cart them to the goodie room. Whew!...Then there was the Literacy Booksigning...

Followed by the Booksellers' Best Awards banquet. This was probably the highlight of my week since I WON both the Best First Book category as well as Best Long Historical. I cried! My dear friend, Delilah Marvelle, who was up against me cried as well. I love her! ;-) That's Kathrynn Dennis in the middle and I'm not certain what that goophy look is on my face since this was right before the announcement.

That brought us to Thursday which was the Kensington party. Below you'll see me with the absolutely georgeous Allegra Gray. The pic below that you'll find Carrie Lofty and Delilah Marvelle having a drink on Kensington. They had a nice room full of authors and appetizers, but I could only stay for an hour as I had to rush off to the National Readers' Choice Awards. I was up for Best Historical with fellow Kensy author, Jackie Ivie, but niether of us took home the trophy. But I didn't care since I was still flying high from the BSB double win.

That brings us to Friday when I actually got to attend a few workshops and go to the Avon book signing. Can you say Regency? That's what they were giving away. Nearly every book was a regency. Hmmm....maybe I should write a regency...
Now, Saturday, I gave my workshop, "The Road So Far: the First Year After the Call" with the awesome Megan Kelly and it was a hit. At least I think we presented it with level heads. ;-) After a few more workshops, dinner, I had to get ready for the big Gala, but not before the hotel was evacuated due to a fire alarm. There were even some people who had to come out of workshops.

Now...the night of all nights...the Golden Heart and RITA awards ceremony. This was an amazing time for me. It doesn't get bigger than the RITAs and being up for Best First Book was truly an experience I will never forget. I didn't win, but I enjoyed my week as a princess and I will be forever grateful to have been recognized by the RWA.

^^ Megan Kelly and me!

^^^Anthea Lawson and me!

^^^Hilary Sares drove down from NY to attend the ceremony and then drove back with her daughter. It was a really honor to have her there with me!

^^^Fellow Kensy sister, Marilyn Brant and me!

^^^My agent, the fabulous Meredith Bernstein, who brainstormed a new 4-book series with me right before the ceremony!!!

^^^And this is me again with the flowers my Scottish writing group sent me.

So you see...conference is not only a place to learn about craft and publishing and get in on all the gossip, it's also a place to meet up with old friends and make new ones. Thank you RWA for making D.C. the bomb. ;-)

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Nathan Kamp on burgers and squirrels

Ever wonder how those hot hunky cover models live? Well, Nathan Kamp has a new website. Check out "Nathan's Live to Eat" series at
Here's hoping they do a bit that lands Nathan in a kilt. Now that would go viral...


On a busy afternoon Ford Models' Nathan Kamp grabs a bite to eat at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. Welcome to Nathan's New York.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Marga-RITA award

A couple Saturday's past, I attended (and hosted) my local chapter, Missouri Romance Writers of America, 25th anniversary celebration. We gave away gobs of door prizes, baskets upon baskets of book and baubles. We dined, we laughed, we cried...

As the President, I was presented with a proclamation from the governor of Missouri. But what was the most heart-felt moment of the day was when I was surprised with an unexpected award: The Marga-RITA. My sister author, Karyn Witmer (also the recipient of the Silver Rose) presented me with the award shown in the picture. Imagine the look on my husband's face when he saw this award positioned in the middle of the mantle. And that's where it is going to stay because my Marga-RITA award represents not only my acheivements as an author, but it represents the bond I have with my sisters.

So I humbly thank the women of MORWA for their support, their friendship, and their encouragement.

OMG! I'm finished...

Those are the words every author loves to say, but how long do you bask in the glory of "OMG! I'm finished"?

Well, I've been basking in it for about a half-day and I'm already looking at the calendar wondering when I can finish another one. Really, that's bad. I need to let my creative juices replenish the well that is bone dry. I need to play a little. Visit a few blogs. Socialize on my networking communities. Prepare for conference. Well, really what I need to do is get ready for the launch of my next book, but that's an entirely different blog...

I should probably go back through it. Right? I should consider writing an epilogue. Right? At what point can I let them go and accept that my characters really are living their HEA? This feeling of closure isn't comfortable to me right now. I don't want to let go. I like them. I like where they ended up and I want to stay and play a while. Let's face it, we went through Hell to get to the HEA, why can't we play there awhile?

As you can see from the brevity of this post...I'm all out of words...

So help me out here...At what point do you start brainstorming another book? Or are you one of those authors who has stacks of ideas filed away in your head?