Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All about me...

I am: Woman, hear me roar.
I love: My life and my family…and coffee!
I dream: Actually, I don’t. I sleep so very little that when I do hit the pillow, I fall into this peaceful place of complete nothingness. And I can be there roughly 4.5 seconds after I hit that pillow.
I wish: I never had to shave my legs again.
I pretend: I’m thin.
I fear: Failure and balloons
I appreciate: Published authors who help those of us who are new to the world of publishing.
I read: Historicals. Anything by Julie Garwood, Teresa Medeiros, Connie Mason…
I want: To start a new saying, “Get wowf!” (Scottish slang for Get crazy!)
I cannot live without: Chocolate
I am happy when: I’m being creative, whether that’s designing or writing.
I would like to meet: My characters in real life.
I am annoyed by: Noise

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