Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Romantic Times magazine gives HER ONE DESIRE 4 STARS.

by Kimberly Killion
RT Rating: 4 stars
Setting: Medieval England
Publisher: Zebra
Published: July 2008

The War of the Roses provides a fascinating backdrop for this well-crafted romance. The appeal of Killion's characters comes from their honor, intelligence and humanity. As they play out their story within the confines of the mores and events of the era, they bring history to life and make it accessible.

Daughter of the Lord High Executioner, Lady Lizbeth Ives lives in the Tower among those condemned to die. She is safe until she uncovers a treasonous plot. She makes her escape from the Tower with Scots prisoner Broc Maxwell; Lizzy's kind heart cannot let him die. Determined to locate the Duke of Gloucester, Lizzy allows Broc to lead her north as their enemies follow. But Broc has little faith in the duke and brings Lizzy to safety in Scotland. On the way they must evade the traitor and ponder what will happen to the little princes and the king before they can claim the love that has grown between them. (Zebra, Jul., 380 pp., $3.99) HOT

—Kathe Robin

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

5/5 Stars - Sensually Desirable

~ Beverly Romance Books
"Sensually Desirable...The story is enticing and grips the reader from the first all the way to the end with secrets, passion and action making this book difficult to put down...

Kimberly Killion is a talented debut author to look forward to for many more exciting in-depth stories. She has a keen talent for holding the reader to the story and creating interesting characters of depth, mystery and action like a writer who has written for years.
This is a debut writer that has already written a keeper with this debut!..."

Beverly, Beverly Romance Books