Wednesday, March 19, 2008

4.5 ribbons from Romance Junkies

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Lizbeth Ives's last resort for safety went out with her father when Laird Broderick Maxwell struck down Osborn Ives, Lord High Executioner of the infamous London Tower, in his bid for freedom. What she did not expect is that the prisoner, just recently liberated from her father's torture session will be her only salvation from the licentious and murdering attention of Lord Hollister, King Edward IV's chief warder.
However, the determined Broc proves to be more than just her savior. As they escape from perilous England to the wilds of Scotland, Lizzy finds herself irresistibly drawn towards this brave, tempting, son of Scotland, just as Broc finds himself falling for the exotic charms of the petite red head.

While battling with enemies and family alike, will Broc survive deceitful conspiracies and unforeseen dangers to give this independent angel of fire, HER ONE DESIRE?

Kimberly Killion skillfully draws readers into her world of political upheaval during the end of the fifteenth century by weaving a tapestry of a love between two extraordinary individuals whose story is enriched with the presence of some very intriguing characters. One can only wonder at what else she has in store for us, and if this is to become the very captivating start of an engrossing series.

—J.T., Romance Junkies Reviewer