Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Can you see me smiling from there?


HER ONE DESIRE has made its debut into the world.
I feel like a kid in a candy shop…no wait…make that a divorcee in a strip club. ;c)

If you get a chance, check out my website to get a peek of my debut book, HER ONE DESIRE, out today from Zebra books.

BLURB: Astride a stolen horse, encircled by the shackled arms of Broderick Maxwell, a Scottish spy escaping certain death in the Tower of London, Lizbeth Ives rides to the north, hidden by the merciful darkness. By stealth and by cunning, the daughter of the Lord High Executioner has undone her father’s cruel work, compelled to save the innocent man with her. There is no turning back—they are bound as one in his iron chains. Consumed by mortal fear, driven by passion, they disappear into the night…

A single raven follows them. Is it an omen? Or only the first of those who would capture them? They must ride on. If captured, they will face death together. But if they reach Scotland, he will claim her for his own…forever.


Hope you have time to visit!

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