Saturday, June 28, 2008

Guess what came in the mail???

My books! Unless you are an author and you have lived this experience, no one can possibly know the complete giddiness I felt when I held my first book for the first time. It really was like giving birth. I was surprised to see a quote on the book from Shannon McKenna. "Intense and beautiful" is how she described HER ONE DESIRE.
So it seems I am ready to give away some autographed books. If you haven't signed up for my contest, please do so before Tuesday.
Or find me on my 'blog tour'. Here's where I will be:
JULY 1st ~ Romance Writers Revenge
Join me and the grog-warmed crew of a pirate ship for a fun swashbuckling interview.
JULY 3rd~ Romance Vagabonds
TOPIC: Getting published feels like getting pregnant after a one-night stand
JULY 8th ~ Fresh Fiction
TOPIC: Curse it! Let’s talk about expletives
JULY 13th ~ Unusual Historicals
TOPIC: Torture &Execution
JULY 14th ~ To Be ReadPASIC blog
JULY 15th–17th ~ History Hoydens
JULY 21st ~ Melissa Schroeder
JULY 23rd ~ Romance Novel TV
JULY 26th ~ Tote Bags n' Blogs

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