Saturday, June 14, 2008

Her One Desire receives Castle Keeper Award

With my debut book's release date just days away, I am overwhelmed with the response I am receiving from reviewers. Laurel Letherby gave Her One Desire the highest honor at

Her One Desire, by debut author Kimberly Killion, is what I’ve been looking for in a medieval novel for a long time. Is it steamy and sensual; the fact that they are both engaging and intelligent characters enhances the passion between Broderick and Lizbeth. The secondary characters were also enlightening and oftentimes provided humorous and eye-opening statements that made for a witty trek into Scotland amidst the danger and betrayal surrounding them.

I like the fact that Kimberly Killion took a mysterious piece of actual history and wrote a powerful plot while not overpowering the love story or characters with facts and data...Her One Desire went automatically on my keeper shelf, it’s a novel I’m sure every Medieval romance fan will devour and cherish for years to come. I also hope the author plans to continue writing about these characters and time period, as I miss them already.

Laurel Letherby, The Mystic Castle



  1. Hey Kimberly! I found your website and info on your book from a Mystic Castle email. I thoroughly enjoy medieval romances, and your debut sounds like a fabulous addition to my TBR stack. It is so hard to find wonderful medievals any more. Here's to hoping you sell a ton of books!

  2. Wow Kim! thats awesome and you totally deserve it!

  3. There aren't enough superlatives for Kim's book! It's on my Keeper Shelf, too. I'll be proud to say, "I knew her when." She's an amazingly gifted writer and a darned nice person.