Sunday, September 05, 2010

Where did my summer go?!

Wow! I've been neglecting my blog! I've been busy writing, editing, starting new books...
I've turned in edits on HIS MAGICK TOUCH which comes out in January. I started a new novella, MY SISTER'S BETROTHED. I'm 13k in and enjoying it verra much. The hero, Magnus Sutherland, has a reputation with the maidens, and he has certainly proven to be a wicked rogue to write about. :P

On the contest front:
  • HIGHLAND DRAGON is an Award of Merit recipient in the Historical category of the HOLT Medallion contest.
  • CARIBBEAN SCOT takes second place in the 2010 URWA Great Beginnings Contest out of 213 entries.
    takes second place in the Romance Through the Ages Contest and received an Honorable mention in
    Passionate Ink's Stroke of Midnight Contes
I had a fabulous time in Orlando this summer at the National RWA Convention. We did Epcot much food, so little time to eat it. LOL I love conference because I get a chance to meet up with all those people I talk to online everyday. Plus, I'm always so motivated to write when I get home. Here are a few pics:

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  1. Lots of smiles and fun on your trip! :O)

  2. howdy Kim,
    thought I would stop.
    enjoyed meeting ya today, started reading your book on the way home :)
    take care

  3. Hi Janice!
    Thanks so much for looking me up! I had a great day at the Celtic Festival. In fact, after you stopped by, my day was complete. LOL Truly.

    I hope you are enjoying the book. ;)

  4. was that a good thing or bad ? :)

    so far so good on the book ;)

  5. It's a good thing! I think you were my good luck charm. After you came, it seemed like others followed, whereas Friday was nothing.