Saturday, September 11, 2010

2010 Celtic Festival

So I just wrapped up at the 2010 Celtic Festival in Buffalo, MO. I had a great time today, chatting up my neighbor vendor, Rich and Kathy (the lye soap maker) and the sword demonstrator, the leather maker, the jewelry maker...And then there was "Tammy", the kewl blonde who drove me to the gas station so we could sneak back some booze. I mean seriously...a Celtic Festival with no ale?!?! What's up with that?

The honored clan was Clan MacLeod, which to my luck is Calin's clan in Highland Dragon, so I knew a thing or two about that particular clan. It was a beautiful day, though it threatened rain once or twice. I was lucky enough to be under a tree, so the sprinkles didn't get me. :) Now the bad news about this tree...I must have had a dozen "creatures" fall straight into my bodice. Ewww!

I was surprised how many readers there were there. Sales were good! Although, some folks didn't read "Romance"...GASP! are a few pics:


  1. Looks alike a lot of fun and who doesn't like to play dress-up once in a while. :O)

  2. So true, so true... ;-)

  3. it was fun , we missed the sword demo. :(