Sunday, June 27, 2010

Love Letter Magazine

Check out the June issue of Love Letter magazine. I've got an article featured on the front page! I can't read it, but my name sure looks cool sitting nice and pretty next to those NYT Bestselling authors. :)

From Love Letter's website:

Excerpt from the editorial in the current 54th Edition (June 2010):

Calling all passionate romance readers who

Heroes are the theme of this edition. They deal not only the readers but, as can be seen in many contributions , including the authors. Irene Hannon raves that its a "big , dark and handsome man , Elizabeth Amber is preferred, if it is " charming and amusing ", but also a weakness for " tortured hero with a dark past . " In its "Romance in Space "column examined the role of Heather , which can take the hero of science fiction and romance novels with the support of Lara Adrian , we took the opportunity to ask three of their heroes very personal questions.

In this issue:
Romance & tension with paranormal Touch
In an interview with Amanda Quick ( Jayne Ann Krentz )

Fall / Winter 10/11

Lucan, Andreas & Kade
In an interview with Lara Adrian's book hero

Soundtrack: music in Las Vegas
by Angie Fox

Romance in Space:
How to tame the hero of a science fiction love story

True Love : A wild summer
Kimberly Killion


  1. How cool is that? Congratulations!!

  2. Very cool! They're great at Love Letter about promoting authors.

  3. Can't wait until your next book comes out. "Her One Desire" is one of my favorite books of all time.

  4. Wow! Favorite books of all time??? That's quite a compliment and I'm blushing. LOL I'm so gld you enjoyed Broc and Lizzy's story. :) With any luck you'll like Highland Dragon as well.