Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ack! 40! Good God that's old!

Well, if you think on it, not really. And I don't feel 40. In fact, most of the time I feel...ummm...24, no, more like 27. Ahhh...27 was a good age. And for the most part since I'm usually buried in my heroine's POV, I have the mindset of a 27 year old. Of course I'm living in medieval times for the most part. Then there are days that I'm in the mind set of a 30ish year old hero. And can I just say that my hero's tend to have a wicked lot on their minds. Mostly sex. They think about it all the time. There are days I can't get their heads out of the trenches. ;-)

I had goals in life and for the most part I have exceeded my aspirations. I'm a published author! How many people can say that they wrote a book and got it published? That is certainly something to be proud of and I am. I don't live in a castle, or have gold tucked away in my coffers, but I'm happy. And when life gets to be too much to handle, then I set myself back in time and tuck reality under the rug for a while.

So, I will accept for the nonce that I am 40 today, but I have the mind of a 27 year old!


  1. Happy Birthday Kimberly!!

    LOL! I've never really given thought to the fact that authors are immersed in the gutter minds of their heroes. I mean, I obviously know your in their minds but to have to live and breathe with them and their "sex on the brain" mentality, would drive any woman crazy. That's funny.

    So happy to read that you're happy with your accomplishments in life. Not many can say that and I can only imagine the satisfaction and hope to one day feel the same.

    ;) VampFanGirl

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