Thursday, December 03, 2009

Foreign Sales

To my great surprise, I received an advance this week on a foreign sales to Thailand. I was so tickled, I emailed my editor only to find out not only did my debut book, HER ONE DESIRE, sell to Thailand, but also to Brazil, Germany and Japan!

The book releases in June 2010 in Germany and was re-titled Im Kerker der Sehnsucht. I won't even pretend to know how to translate the, but I babelfished it, and the best I can tell, the German publisher re-titled the book: IN THE DUNGEON OF DESIRE. :)

If you think that's fun, the snippet on the cover (the words in the green bar) translates like this...
They defied the danger together - and began a play with the fire

More comparisons...
The English product description on
Secrets and lies have a price that must be paid in blood through the generations. In medieval Scotland, Laird Calin MacLeod must choose between avenging his father's death and surrendering to the passion he finds in the arms of his enemy's daughter.

The product description on
Tower OF London, 1483: Lizzy, the daughter of the executioner, must flee, because she stole an explosive document. The prisoner Broderick uses the opportunity likewise to the escape. Pursued of their enemies they come themselves dangerously close…


  1. How very exciting!!!! The cover is absolutely beautiful. I think I might actually like it better.

  2. I know, Renee. I like it better, too. The pink and the horse. I especially love that horse because the H's spend almost the whole of the book on a horse. :)

    But that title. LOL

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  4. Jane L9:03 AM

    Kimberly, That is wonderful! Most writers just want to be published in one country! You get a whole slew of them! LOL!

  5. librarypat8:31 PM

    I love how things get scrambled in translation. It would be a fun afternoon to sit around comparing the translation of book titles, blurbs, etc.
    Congratulations on the foreign sales of your books.

  6. Congrats on having HER ONE DESIRE published in so many places. That's very complimentary and it surely must be intriguing to see one's handiwork in different translations!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  7. Ah, I love this book. So it's great to see it published in another country. I am currently reading the ebook of Highland Dragon, and really love it. I am not sure how I got turned on to your books, but they're just fantastic. Thanks for keeping up your writing... there are many of us rabid readers out there who are very appreciative!

    (Although, Broc may be my favorite romance novel hero of all time... so I'm not sure you can outdo yourself on that one.)