Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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My Cursed Highlander | [Kimberly Killion]
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My Cursed Highlander

  • by Kimberly Killion
  • Narrated by The Killion Group
  • Publisher's Summary

    A proud, tormented warrior....
    Laird Taveon Kraig would do anything to recover a magical amulet powerful enough to break the curse that has plagued his clan for a hundred years - even marry a woman determined to hate him. But the beautiful - albeit boldly defiant - woman stirs his passion like no other. He never dreamed his quest would involve surrendering his heart.

    A blind sculptress....
    Having survived two ruthless marriages, Viviana Gorini Dè Medici has no desire to take another husband - especially one who wants her most prized possession: a magical amulet that provides her with the gift of sight. Despite her pleas, she is forced into the marriage and sent on a dangerous journey with a man whose charms melt her defenses, whose touch sets her on fire, and whose kiss stirs her body in a way she's never known.

    A wicked enemy....
    Surrendering completely to an ecstasy that binds their hearts, neither of them foresees the sinister threat waiting to destroy both of their worlds. In a family torn apart by a centuries old curse, will love be enough to save them all?

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